ERIS, Glacier Media’s environmental risk information service, has launched a streamlined online platform for ordering its range of data report and historical products.

ERIS undertook a rigorous process to incorporate client needs into the new system, as well as inviting several to test and provide final feedback. The new platform has just four easy steps to place an order and offers clear benefits to clients, including:

  • Fewer screens for a more streamlined ordering process
  • Integration of Google Maps for easier address selection and improved map functionality
  • Provincial packages appearing based on the order province
  • Map availability when selecting streets for City Directories
  • ‘File Upload’ feature for KML, KMZ and ‘shapefile’ file types that result in geometry being displayed on the order form map (all other file formats will be drawn by ERIS once the order is placed)
  • Ability to keep orders in the Shopping Cart for later checkout using the ‘Save for Later’ button
  • Orders left in the cart can now be edited
  • New ‘Download All’ function for reports and products from the MyOrder page
  • ‘Search’ and ‘Sort’ abilities in the MyOrder page to refine search results
  • ‘Order Wizard’ is available to provide instructions about key functions

A quick tour video has been released with the new platform. View at:

To access the new order form, click on the SIGN IN/ORDER button at the top of the home page. Contact the ERIS team at info[at]erisinfo[dot]com or live chat on