Real Estate Wire (REW), Glacier Media’s premier real estate portal for property listings, new home developments and insights in Ontario and British Columbia, has agreed strategic partnerships with the Mississauga Real Estate Board (MREB) and the Durham Real Estate Board (DREB).

This is the latest in a string of deals signed by REW as the online platform continues to expand its reach across Canada. With each expansion deal, REW is able to provide better search options for buyers and sellers, and more exposure to its customers.

Agents in Ontario’s Mississauga and Durham regions join other existing REW members in having increased visibility on Canada’s fastest growing home search platform, as well as exclusive marketing tools to help them better serve their clients.

In signing the partnerships, both REW and the two real estate boards reaffirmed their commitment to showcasing the value and importance of real estate agents in the home buying and selling process.

“If REW is to continue to be one of the most prominent players in Canadian real estate, it is important for us to continue to grow and develop key partnerships, especially with progressive boards like DRAR and MREB,” says Ian Martin, Director of Industry Development and Partnerships. “Agents who use our marketing tools are seeing better results and making meaningful connections with home buyers and sellers, and that’s a very important goal for us.”

Ray Dubash, Executive Director, MREB, said: “At MREB, we’re continually looking to understand and adopt new technologies that can help improve the home buying and selling process. The partnership with Real Estate Wire allows us to better serve our members, licenced agents, who are always looking for options to get more exposure for their clients.”

Wendy Giroux, Executive Director, DRAR, added: “Our agents are excited to be part of such a comprehensive search platform. We share the same philosophy as REW, that an improved search means clients are making more informed decisions. Working with REW gives DRAR members access to a rapidly growing online home-buying and selling audience while providing unique opportunities to build their business.”